10x your dial-to-connect ratio with AI-powered phone number verification

Tired of wasting your money and efforts on invalid phone numbers? Break the cycle with Phoneverify. Verify phone numbers and fill your database with only active and accurate contact information. It’s time to dial up your success.

Our Customers

Our Customers



Why Phoneverify

Why Phoneverify

of numbers aren’t worth dialing your sales reps time

dial-to-connect ratio isn’t a dream anymore. It’s achievable when you give correct numbers to your reps

of numbers always go to Voicemail

enable your reps have more live conversations

Validate phone numbers in real-time with AI-powered phone verification

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Platform Overview

Platform Overview


Stop wasting money on calls that didn't go through or texts sent to an inaccurate number. Get valid, callable numbers that are live and ready for you.

Outcome Detection

Automatically classify calls as answered, positive, unsure, invalid, voicemail, and more.

Best time-to-call

Identify the best times to call your prospects and increase pick up rate with our AI powered prediction.

Local Dial

Increase pick-up rate with Local Dial. Call prospects with local number and area code.


Validate numbers in batches to build powerful lists that help you reach the most prospects, multiply your success rate, and drive up your revenue.


Personalized for every lead considering lead’s name, time to call, company name, local number for higher pickup rate.

Get going with Phoneverify

Get going with Phoneverify

Step 1
Import your numbers

Import the numbers you want verified into the Phoneverify platform in X format.

Step 2
Let AI verify validity

Phoneverify’s AI will run a check on each number to determine if it is valid and if your contact is reachable on it.

Step 3
Dial with Confidence

Dial with confidence and achieve 20% connect rate. Reps who have acheived 10X.

Landon Meyer

Anomalo | ML-Led Data Quality

Almost 29% connect rate!
phoneverify.ai by Outplay is legit!

James Hanzimanolis

BD Director @ PhoneBurner

Well, I scored: 3 demos. 21 convos. 34% connect rate. Two weeks ago Laxman Papineni showed me the awesome new tech he’s building with the Outplay team. PhoneVerify.ai takes a look at your lead list and tells you which ones are the most likely to answer. Going to recommend that everyone tests this out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Phoneverify is an advanced AI-powered tool that automates the process of validating your leads' contact numbers. It utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to predict the ideal time to call prospects, engage with them intelligently during the call, and analyze the call outcome to determine the validity of the contact information.

Phoneverify leverages AI algorithms to streamline lead validation. It begins by predicting the optimal time to contact prospects based on factors such as time zones, historical data, and user behavior.

Once a call is answered, Phoneverify engages in natural language processing to interact with the prospect effectively. By analyzing the conversation, it deduces the call outcome, providing valuable insights to optimize future calls.

The benefits of using Phoneverify include:

  1. Time and Cost Savings : Automates lead validation, reducing manual efforts and associated costs.
  2. Improved Lead Quality : Ensures accurate and active contact information, focusing on high-quality leads.
  3. Increased Efficiency : AI algorithms predict the best call time, optimize outcomes, and provide insights for future calls.
  4. Data Security : Follows industry best practices, encrypts and securely stores your data.
  5. Global Reach : Supports international phone number verification, expanding your reach.

Currently Phoneverify supports the verification of only US and Canada based phone numbers. Our algorithms consider timezones and other factors falling under these two countries to determine the best time to call prospects.

Empower your business with AI verified Phone numbers